Sunday, February 8, 2015

Possible explosives found in Socorro scrap metal yard

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Authorities found possible explosives at Lucero Scrap Metal in Socorro Thursday morning. This comes after military crews reportedly detonated explosives found at the yard Sunday night to help keep the area safe.
The Socorro Police Department said investigators found casings that looked like explosives, but did not find any explosive material Thursday.
A Ft. Bliss spokesperson said investigators believe people injured in a recent explosion in Otero County, New Mexico, sold scrap metal at Lucero in the past. It's possible they could have collected the material they sold from the military property.

As KFOX14 reported, two women were injured while they collected material from the McGregor Range in Otero County and happened to pick up explosives.
Otero County Sheriff Benny House said he has heard one of the women is still receiving treatment in the Intensive Care Unit, and the other woman was released from an El Paso hospital.
Ft. Bliss said military crews will detonate explosive materials on-site if they are too dangerous to move. If not, they could take it back to the Army post to detonate.
Socorro police said authorities have checked other scrap metal shops in the area for possible explosives.

"Please don't collect this material, even if it's an empty casing. You just never know what kind of material is still there. The residual gun powder might still be in the casing," Socorro Police Chief Carlos Maldonado said.
El Paso's FBI office is investigating this case and said it is still investigating. The FBI also said no arrests have been made.
Maldonado said the Police Department could look into possible regulations for what kind of material scrap yards can take in.
"I really want to look at state statues to find out if there's anything there that we can look at. From the federal standpoint, the FBI and the military are looking at that very issue," Maldonado said.
The city of Socorro also plans to look into the possibility of regulations.
"We're going to have to address it some way in the City Council, and see what we can do to have our attorneys and legal department look at it. We could create some kind of an ordinance," City Council member Sergio Cox said.

Friday, February 6, 2015

New Scrap Metal theft Rules

This is the article that was mentioned about New scrap metal theft rules. From the web site

New rules go into effect on Sunday that are intended to assist law enforcement and the scrap metal industry to combat scrap metal theft.

As part of Ohio’s Scrap Metal Law (S.B. 193), passed in summer 2012, use of searchable electronic lists and the Dealer Daily Transaction Database will become required for scrap metal dealers starting Sunday.

The “Do Not Buy List” consists of names and other related information of individuals who have been convicted of theft offenses. Scrap metal dealers will use the resource to ensure they are in compliance with Ohio law and it is also available to law enforcement officials to assist in investigations.

The Dealer Daily Transaction Database allows registered scrap dealers to transmit the applicable business transaction data to a central repository, making the information available to law enforcement from virtually any device with an Internet connection. Contact Ohio Homeland Security at 1-877-OHS-INTEL with questions. ******************************************

Even-though this is in the state of Ohio scrap theft effects all of us in the scrap industry. There is no telling what kind of new procedures Texas will come up with. We will stay up to date on this issue for Texas.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Our Company Commercial

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Thursday, February 6, 2014

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